Create Your Life as a Paradise




Everything You Ever Dreamed of Can Come True.

Just a simple daily printed journal that if followed can turn your life into a Paradise.

The book is based on the teachings of Geshe Michael Roach, who is a living testimony to the power of how these techniques work and who successfully applied such principles to establish a $250 million company, the fastest growing manufacturing company in the history of New York City.

With the guidance of the book, readers are easily able change their reality by checking their inner selves six times a day. The journal simply allows you to strengthen the positive effect you have on all around you and reduce the negative effect.

The book can be utilized to realize any and all of your dreams, be they financial, romantic, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. The book has potential to allow you to plant the seeds to make you happy forever.

Your reality will start to change because your reality is determined by what you do and say during the day. Your reality in six months is totally created by what you do now. If applied diligently, you can transform your reality within six months from now.

The book is ideal for people from all walks of life, including executives, professionals, business people, housewives, teenagers and in fact anyone who has the ability to reflect.

Everything in life depends on how you act each day, so start changing your reality now.

Full instructions are included with the book.



Three Great versions

Hardback – Only available from Singapore
6x Softback – Amazon


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Six Times Softback – Amazon


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“Everything You Ever Dreamed

of Can Come True.”